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Address: 11140 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 1A2

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Image of Discouraged and Frustrated
31 Mar 2021
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Most of the doctors are thorough and decent if you can get in on a timely basis (had one bad one from St. Albert who was filling in). But from a customer service aspect, for the most part, the clinic is poorly managed and reception is not helpful.

Image of Billi-Jo Wait
25 Apr 2020
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Dr I shebanni saved my life 6 yrs ago when my oldest daughter died i went thru a spiral of kill myselfWho wouldnt after loosing a child a first born daughter to murder dr I shebanni

Image of Sherry Su
25 Apr 2020
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I was told to come as a walk in for my blood test results and due to Dr. Only be here between 10-12, so I arrived at 1030, and Dr is No Show, but reception told us, he is going to be here soon. Then 30 mins after saying doctor is going to

Image of Jose Perez
19 Apr 2020
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Last time I went I was asked by the dr if this is serious cause he has other appointments to get to. Definitely not going here again.

Image of Jessica Sharpe
26 Mar 2020
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The good: doctors are friendly and listen.The bad: the office staff can be very rude.The ugly: the doctor sends you for tests without proper requisition forms

Image of khubaib atta
11 Mar 2020
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I came to this clinic to make Dr Ashraf Shibani my family doctor. First of all, i had to wait as the doctor was late. When i got a chance to see him, I told him that i have come to make him my family doctor. He did not even bother to look

Image of Angel Thompson
19 Feb 2020
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After waiting an hour the receptionist calls me to the front desk harassing me. She got 2 charts mixed up thinking I was the mother of a child who already saw the doctor just as I was walking In. She proceeded to holler at me asking who

Image of ebeerose
14 Feb 2020
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I have never come here and waited more than one hour. I don’t have the same experience as others who have booked appointments, I usually do walk ins. Dr. Shebani is always thorough and listens to all of my concerns.

Image of Nithin NARAYANA
26 Jan 2020
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This is not Medical clinic it's Waiting Clinic. Front desk staffs are very rude, don't know how to greet people. No one have clue about the waiting time.

Image of K G
14 Jan 2020
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People at the front desk need to learn how to be nice and respectful!!! And they are sooo unorganized.... I wouldn't waste your time going here, you can find a better medical center..

Image of Jenny Jungwirth
14 Jan 2020
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If you like waiting for 2+ hours go here. The receptionist cannot understand very much English and doesn’t listen. When I went up to inquire about our place in line I was told there was 3 other people ahead of us, I replied that 2 other

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