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Address: 990 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A5

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Image of Taylor Bell
20 Apr 2020
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I was very impressed by the customer service at Beech Motorworks. From start to finish I felt important and was treated very well. Very clean and impressive shop and front desk. My only concern was the prices, I felt they where close if not

Image of Erik Smith
12 Apr 2020
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Great service from the team at Beech Motorworks. They've been able to handle my repair needs on my old Subaru with ease. I love the digital report that gets sent out before work begins with pictures of what needs to be done. Very reasonable pricing for winter tire switches and storage too.

Image of Aaron Finlayson
09 Apr 2020
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Clint and his crew are a godsend!Professional, knowledgeable, straightforward! The trifecta of perfection. I would highly recommend Beach motorworks to anyone who needed any service. I'll be going back again and again!

Image of Tan Pham
22 Mar 2020
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I got an book for safety test. Got charge 120$ for nothing. The lady work as receiptionist saild it only take an hour. I waited almost 2h30mins, the mechanic brought out a 6k bill, list down tons of maintainances not safety.

Image of Aaron Bazinet
20 Mar 2020
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Take my Mercedes there for services when needed. They treat you like an important customer at a dealership but without the dealership prices! Always happy when I go there.

Image of Sheldon Neiser
19 Mar 2020
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I would like to take the time to write this review because of how happy I was with the service that was provided. I had my girlfriend bring her 2013 BMW 328 into Beech to have an oil leak looked at with a note from me suggesting what I

Image of Zabie F
07 Mar 2020
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Great Service and great customer service.Very professional and honest.The master mechanic is a great and knowledgable person.

Image of Julie McLeod
04 Mar 2020
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I do not normally write reviews however on this occasion I feel it is important to share my experience to hopefully prevent others from being taken advantage of. I have owned BMW’s since 2008 and was fortunate to have had the best mechanic

Image of Chantal Tiffany
18 Feb 2020
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I recently had an issue with my vehicle. I feel like my vehicle-which is a Hyundai Accent sometimes talks to me ( I know it sounds crazy), but I could just tell something was off the way it was starting-the long gated starting...the

Image of J B
17 Jan 2020
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Had another " mechanic install a reman alt and batt. Started it up and my 2014 patriot still had charge issue light. The other mech started replacing grounds and telling me it's my fuseable link ir my pcm.... I said enough and brought it to

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