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3.8/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Pamela Ellis
19 Apr 2020
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I went in to Shoppers Drug Mart on Fennell and Upper Gage to fill a prescription. The pharmacist and staff were extremely knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. I highly recommend Shoppers Drug Mart on Fennell and Upper Gage for your prescriptions and personal hygiene products.

Image of Gina Clements
01 Apr 2020
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I have no Insurance and pick up medications daily. First visit I was charged $14, 2nd 3rd and 4th vist I was charged $5. Yesterday I went to pick up my medicine... same prescription everyday and was charged over $18.

Image of Amanda Vardy
16 Mar 2020
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Honestly this pharmacy has been nothing but a headache since we moved to this city.. my family and I have been using them as they are the closest one to us. But the mess up prescriptions constantly lose them or in the case of my husband who

Image of BJ Johnston
16 Mar 2020
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Some great staff, Shayla and Debbie come to mind for sure. There's def a few others aswell. Great card selection and always has my coke zero 710ml that some shoppers never seem to have. Central location. Older store but they serve a lot of seniors nearby. A staple in the community.

Image of Michael DuBeau
08 Mar 2020
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Overall usually good service, clean etc. However my last visit for a prescription had me a little put off.. after filling a prescription I asked about a side effect I had experienced previously on this medication and asked about ways to

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