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Image of Carla Visocchi
23 Apr 2020
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I stepped out of my shower and discovered it was raining in the main floor closet. I called WSG Plumbing and he was the only plumber who actually answered his phone. He came over within 2 days, arrived on-time and fixed my shower drain in a shorter amount of time than I thought! Would definitely recommend!

Image of Cody Mattiuz
22 Apr 2020
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After many DIY attempts to get my laundry tub to drain, I finally gave in and called a plumber. He came over on time and sorted it out in no time.

Image of TheErico50
22 Mar 2020
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Professional and detail-oriented plumbing service

Image of Vanessa Giansante
25 Feb 2020
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We needed some work done in our bathroom and were recommended wsg plumbing. Great service. Came out as soon as they could. Worked very efficiently in helping us remodel our bathroom and did additional work in our kitchen. Walter was very honest and knowledgeable and helped us get what we wanted. Definately would use them again!

Image of ViGi Events
01 Jan 2020
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My bathroom sink was LEAKING orange smelly water inside my cupboard cabinets…….. I called Walter to take a look and he knew EXACTLY what the issue was….. He looked at the sink FOR FREE and came back the following week after ordering a new

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