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Address: Loblaws Plaza, 1460 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 0A9

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3.5 Average rating
Image of Andrew Archibald
10 Apr 2020
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It's cheap, sometimes fairly busy. A few days the machines can get close to capacity after work. The ellipticals and tread Mills yesterday only had 1-2 free each at peak, for about 30 mins. But still plenty of bikes, although bikes seats

Image of Jenna Du
05 Apr 2020
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Sufficient equipment for workout routine. The jacket and boots area can be cramped during peak hours

Image of Jennifer Connolly
04 Apr 2020
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Amazing staff. My workout buddys daughter had a pd day and she is under 16. We brought her to the gym hoping she could just sit and read her book, unfortunately she was unable to be in the gym. SO A STAFF MEMEBER TOOK HER TO STARBUCK FOR 45 MINUTES WHILE WE WORKED OUT!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Image of Julian Fernandes
19 Mar 2020
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Great gym for the price you pay.They have a lot of free weights cardio machines and strength machines.Staff is quite friendly as well.

Image of Shéraz K
08 Mar 2020
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The gym has all the equipment required but no drinking water fountain. You got to pay to buy water. This seemed very illogical to me. No shower which is fine given the price

Image of Laurie Dewar
01 Mar 2020
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Been a member for over 5 years. Cant go wrong for the price.

Image of Kashmir A.k.a. Kash
19 Feb 2020
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The staff are extremely helpful and sympathetic to the situation, but it seems that with so many broken machines and lack of machines, that it takes away from this and make the experience fairly poor, this location is the only location

Image of Akshay Savaliya
17 Feb 2020
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Good cheap option for gym but there are no trainers to help you out, you are all your own to use the machines.

Image of Geneviève Lamoureux
11 Jan 2020
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I used to love this gym. It's cheap and clean. Great value for money. As I moved to Montreal, instead of canceling my membership I chose to just wait until the contract was finished (as it's so cheap anyway). Be careful though and read your

Image of Ydmf 222
01 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Great price. Wish they would do something about people squeezing in the door two at a time or opening the emergency door to let their friends in after hours. Who can't afford $10 a month?

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