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Address: 1198 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Z7

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Image of Erin McDermott
12 Apr 2020
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I've been trained regularly by Catherine, as well as my family members, an we all love her! She's extremely knowledgeable in physical fitness, always explains the exercises we are doing so I understand them and perform them correctly. I

Image of Jacob Headey
11 Apr 2020
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Very motivating place pushing for your results

Image of Maria R.
20 Mar 2020
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I had a great experience with Vania, Victor and Mike. They are all very welcoming and helpful by setting you up with the right level of exercise and push. I highly recommend this gym for anyone who needs accountability and support to achieve her/his training goals.

Image of Allan McDougall
17 Feb 2020
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This Free Form fitness experience is amazing. I've seen incredible results in the few months I've been here. Well worth the money given the education and accountability I've received in spades from my trainers, Danielle and Jules.

Image of Chris Chenier
09 Feb 2020
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The staff at Free Form are awesome. They are incredibly knowledgeable and helped me train the right way to help avoid all the injuries I've had throughout the years from bad technique. They are always in a positive mood and great to be around. I feel motivated again going to the gym and I highly recommend this place.

Image of J C
07 Feb 2020
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I’ve been training with Mike at FFF for close to a year and am very pleased with the results I’ve seen! He’s professional, very knowledgeable and motivating. He takes the time to understand my health and fitness goals, provides helpful

Image of Emma Hyde
15 Jan 2020
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Having a personal trainer adds immeasurable value to a work out. Whether you're just starting or you've been working out your entire life, Free Form Fitness is great. The trainers all know and understand the ins and outs of exercise and how

Image of Vanessa Bastien
08 Jan 2020
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I started 3 weeks at the Wellington location. My main reason for going was to get started back to exercise after a tibia/knee injury had me sitting for a good four months. In those 3 weeks, my trainers, Catherine and Victor have me moving

Image of L C
06 Jan 2020
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I've been at FFF for several months now, motivated by getting back the strength I lost in my ankle (and subsequently everywhere else after being immobile for many months) after breaking it over the winter. I train with Frank, who is incredibly fun, motivating, and relatable. Everything about FFF is absolutely worth it!

Image of Alexandra Corriveau
03 Jan 2020
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I train at FFF with Mike 3 times a week and I love it! It keeps me accountable and it feels great! Mike is awesome. He keeps showing m how much further I can go. Having someone to guide you and to push you really gets you to where you want to be, faster!

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