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Address: 235 Union St E, Fergus, ON N1M 1W3

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2.6 Average rating
Image of Michelle Derond
20 Apr 2020
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Avoid at all cost! Absolutely ridiculous wait in the main room, then an even longer wait through the doors. I brought my 2 1/2 year old for Stitches, have been waiting for 5 hours already. I understand people have more severe emergencies

Image of Emma Melitzer
25 Mar 2020
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I had a pilonidal cyst that became very bad over a few days and I figured I just needed it drained. So I went to a walk in (I currently dont have a family doctor where I live), but all they could do was refer me to a surgeon, which can take

Image of gamechamp
03 Mar 2020
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The care my wife and received during the birthing process and all the care afterwards for the 3 extra days we stayed there was excellent. Staff was all very friendly and keeping informed about everything going on. We were very satisfied with the whole experience.

Image of Teja Lee
25 Feb 2020
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One of the best hospitals I have ever had to work with, except the major cities in the area are directing patients to this hospital due to shorter time waits causing grief for local residents. The biggest bonus is that there is no parking fee like other major greedy hospitals.

Image of Margaret Pennyfather
19 Feb 2020
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Appalling. Whilst we had tests run in a timely manner, it took 8 hours to see a doctor. In that time, there was a steady procession of multiple ambulances, which took

Image of Shannon Dodson
19 Feb 2020
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They would not give my friend pain meds when he asked. They would wait eight hours before checking on him.

Image of S Hill
08 Feb 2020
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I thought coming here the wait time would be less than Guelph... yeah.. not so much. Heard the dr up front just chatting with the nurses about decorating her house -

Image of Manjeet Singh
26 Jan 2020
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ER waiting time is absolutely pathetic. Trust other reviewers. We had to wait for more than 5 hrs to see the doctor. When we came early in the morning and there was was only one patient before us. It took the ER doctor 5 hrs to see our 15 days old daughter. Please avoid if possible.

Image of Zamona Kevin
22 Jan 2020
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I waited for 6 hours to see a doctor. 7:30pm arrival and met with a doctor at 1:30am. I was in the waiting room with 2 people ahead of me. They finally called me into a room and I waited from 11:00pm - 1:30am.

Image of Heather Cawthra
01 Jan 2020
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Excellent bedside as always. So kind and considerate and willing to do everything they could for you even through shift changes.

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Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital Logo
3.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Hook N Haul Fishing
26 Apr 2020
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Came to the emergency dept for an issue I had . Greeted by a wonderful nurse ...Believe her name was ashley . She took such good care and was very attentive to myself while also paying close attention to many others . The emerge could use

Image of Nadine
24 Apr 2020
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I arrived at Orillia Hospital Emergency on Monday Feb 24 approx 11 am in extreme pain. The reception nurse and admitting staff were exceptionally prompt, friendly and professional! My waiting time was within reason followed by immediate

Image of David Brown
23 Apr 2020
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If you are a US Citizen seeking medical assistance be very careful. They will charge $718CA as soon as you walk through the door. As soon as I learned this from reception I said I would go elsewhere, and got excellent care at a walk in

Image of joanne badong-xhani
23 Apr 2020
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My baby was sent by our Family doc from Wasaga to possibly by admitted, ER staff was phenomenal was seen and treated right away. Got admitted in the unit, in 3hrs. Amazing Nurses in Peds Unit, Michelle, Amy and Tayler! Everybody was very

Image of Lynda Patterson
11 Apr 2020
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A stroke patient can stay in the hospital while waiting for a long term care home. The patient navigator and other staff will try to tell you otherwise but if you stand your ground you will eventually be asked to pay the hospital the LTC