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Pembroke Regional Hospital Logo
1.9/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Miss Cadets
24 Apr 2020
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Explain to me how a a 70 yr old woman can be taken to emerge with all the classic signs of a stroke and have to wait OVER 24 HOURS FOR A DOCTOR TO ASSESS OR LOOK AT HER?!

Image of Magma
17 Apr 2020
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In the Main Lobby the administration and the nurses were nice, but Zone-B is a different matter. Nurses/Doctors/Worms think they are Gods - rude, obnoxious, arrogant. The plastic hospital cards discarded after each visit. Don't seem to care about ENVIRONMENT either.

Image of Hawkeye
09 Apr 2020
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Unfortunately had to spend almost 24 hr in the emerg department after arriving by ambulance. Ambulance crew were great and the initial contact in emerg was good but then spent hrs wondering what was going on. Next time I saw a nurse was

Image of Lexi Hunter
08 Apr 2020
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Was referred to see the fracture clinic. Had an appointment and was seen an hour later than time made. Specialist seen suggested other doctors I had seen were unprofessional/not as well educated. I am not a Canadian resident and could hear staff gossiping about me. Specialist also asked me to pay him in cash, which seems a bit dodgy.

Image of charles norris
03 Mar 2020
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wait times are brutal sometimes, but it isn't their fault. the staff are extremely kind and go the extra mile. i'd imagine things would go faster if they had more staff and less paperwork. still, the kindness they show more than makes up for it. thanks for dealing with me and my sick kids all the time.

Ottawa Ear Clinic (Ottawa Dizziness Clinic) Logo
2.8/5 (6 reviews)
Image of Jo Meyers
26 Apr 2020
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My experience with Dr Souaid has been excellent. I had terrible ear problems and dizziness. This is the most treatment and improvement i have ever had for my infections. I finally feel better than i have ever felt in a long time. Dr Souaid was thorough, understanding and patient. I really do appreciate his care and recommend him.

Image of Adam Smiley
14 Mar 2020
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I have been going here for over a year now and am very pleased with Dr. Souaid and his team. I had a misdiagnosed ear infection from 2 trips to a walk-in clinic and was immediately squeezed in by the receptionist to get the proper diagnosis

Image of Chris Dowsett
07 Mar 2020
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I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr Souaid. He worked with me multiple times a month for over a year trying to fix my ear/hearing loss. Unfortunately my ear is beyond repair, but he wrote me a personal letter to the Civic's

Image of Lucie Leclerc
23 Jan 2020
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Very arrogant. If he speak French he should have with reading my name. Maybe he did not read my file. Why is first approach is asking why I am there. Daw . are you kidding me. You have not read my Doctor requisition. It took more time to complete the qestionnaire which I am certain he did not read. Lucie

Image of Suzanne Abbotts
06 Jan 2020
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Dr. Souaid is even more ignorant than his bad-mannered admin staff who found it acceptable to talk poorly of other patients without hesitation. Not welcoming or friendly and my reminder notice of the appointment came at 6:30-7pm the night

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