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Address: 361 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M7

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4.2 Average rating
Image of Verified
18 Feb 2021
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Cute place with very nice decor. they give complimentary nachos and salsa.

Image of Chieko Hashimoto
20 Apr 2020
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Honest simple tasty food.Tried here first time. Had a burrito and 2 enchiladas comb plate $20.95 to

Image of Sameen Sami
16 Apr 2020
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Honestly, the service was so bad, it made enjoying the food really hard. The girl and guy who came to check up on us after were much nicer than the elder man who served us.

Image of David P
09 Apr 2020
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Pancho Villa. I have been coming here on and off for decades. Their patio in the summer is beautiful and a fun place to share drinks and nachos. Their main dishes are great too. I am especially fond of the delicious chicken tostada (hot

Image of Remi N
04 Apr 2020
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Been here two times and bothe times the food was really good ! The portions are generous and the price is very reasonable

Image of Marcelo Pimenta
26 Mar 2020
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The BEST mexican food that I ever had!!! I live in São Paulo - Brazil - a city with hundreds of this kind of cuisine but this one was really unique!! Congrats!!!

Image of Nisreen Hamed
15 Feb 2020
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Very good food in a lively area with the option for a patio. My summer meals at this restaurant have been nothing but positive. They have this fruity pineapple, strawberry and banana drink that is just wow. I had ordered the chimichanga

Image of Dionysios Gosselin
13 Feb 2020
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Awesome Mexican fare with excellent service. It’s a great cozy location with relaxing atmosphere and the house hot sauces are great. The varieties of classic dishes are are well executed and we will happily go back.

Image of Brenna Harrington
11 Jan 2020
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Pancho Villa is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa. Their food is authentic and delicious and made with love and pride. I will always highly recommend. (FYI, I just found out that they are now open for pick up and have also

Image of A H
07 Jan 2020
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Going into this place I wasn't quite sure what I had signed up for. The atmosphere was 'authentic' if you want to call it that, but I still wasn't sure what to expect from the food.

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