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2.1/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Phill Joannes
22 Apr 2020
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The worst doctor I have seen. After describing my symptoms he checked his computer for the previous notes of my file and increased the dosage of my medicine, without further analyzing the pain I was feeling. I don’t recommend this place neither will come back.

Image of femal odedra
03 Apr 2020
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Dr. was so rude. He even didn’t listen my problems properly and I think he was irritated from before only. He was not so helpful to address my illness, reports and prescription. I suggest not to go if you have other options.

Image of Murat Goksel
20 Mar 2020
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I've been calling them since 7:30 am. It's been two hours now and they just picked up the phone only to tell me that they full for the day. Ridiculous! If you are not scheduling same-day appointments, do not tell people you do. I could have come in the morning today, but now I have to wait for another day.

Image of Claudya Hilaire
18 Mar 2020
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Waited an hour event thought I had an appointment . I get that you dont have a million doctors but try to keep it in mind when you give app. Some of us need to be at work

Image of kime spencer
26 Feb 2020
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Doctor didn’t do the test properly had to go back and got a call back for test results 4 months later. Good thing imi had a check up at another clinic the week after

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3.4/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Sony Paras
25 Apr 2020
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This was there service Free Teeth Whitening or Custom Made Sports Guard upon completion of a New Patient Dental Examination and Cleaning. Free Oral Cancer Screening with every New Patient Dental Examination.....this changes the charge..

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24 Apr 2020
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Called book an appointment for thursay may 6th, few days later receptionist called and pushed my appointment for Friday may 8th. On may 8th an hr before appointment receptionist called asking me that i have to pay more then they quoted me or doctor wont see me. Very unprofessional, will never call them back

Image of James Cromack
19 Apr 2020
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I was in at Axis Dental office with a concern! I heard great things about Dr. Yale. So I made an appointment with him and I was so glad I did. He got to know me at a personal level and he listened to my concerns. Dr. Yale recommend the

Image of Kaci McFadden
08 Apr 2020
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April 27th I went in for a toothache. (During pandemic). I was advised that the tooth was cracked and need to be capped. From the time I left the chair and walked to the desk to book the appt - it had turned into a root canal. Quoted over a

Image of cat simon
13 Mar 2020
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My only reason to ever go to this dentistry is because of one amazing hygienist Named Jessica. She is by far my favourite in all the years, she is genuinely the best. Thank you so much Jessica 😃.

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