Toronto City Business Directory

Toronto: is a capital city of Ontario, Canada. It has a population of around 29.3 lakhs and climate in Toronto is warm and humid in summers and cold, windy and snowy in winters. Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America. Exploring this outlandish city is a bliss and well admired places here are Toronto University, Toronto Eaton Center, Kensington Market, The Distillery District, The CN Tower and Toronto International Film Festival. Food to relish in Toronto are Roti from Gandhi Roti, Churros from Panchos Bakery, Pea meal Bacon on Bun, Roast Cauliflower from Fat Pasha and Bagels from St. Urbain Bagel. Public Transport in Toronto includes subways, buses, intercity rail, trams and ferries.

Toronto is a city in Canada, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Toronto: Alderwood, Amesbury, Baby Point, Bathurst Manor, Bendale, Birch Cliff, Cabbagetown, Clairlea