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24/7 Basement Drain Pipe Snaking and Repairs. DrainHome Plumbing. Same Day Service. Drain Rooter. Sewer Snaking. Fix Flooded Basement Plumber Sewer Cleaning, Cleaner Clogged Sewer Repair, Blockage Blo ...

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Address: 140 Elm Ridge Dr, York, ON M6B 3H3, Canada

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Image of Lee Han
20 Apr 2020
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Very recently, my elderly father had a major problem with tree roots which had blocked the main line going into his house. The house had the old clay pipes that had been there for many years so the tree roots had grown right into them and

Image of Aibek A
20 Apr 2020
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I had a leak in my basement when it was raining. It was leaking from my window well. I found Drain Home online and called them. Those guys came the same day and told me they can start on the next day. Job was done fast clean and efficient.

Image of Liam Thorpe
17 Apr 2020
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The day my wife and I were to leave on our honeymoon, our sewer drain backed up all over our basement. Within 2 hours Andrew showed up and assessed the problem and assured us that our house would be safe while we were gone. Upon return,

Image of Sam Vickers
21 Mar 2020
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When we bought our house 3 years ago we find out that we have a very big problem with our drain system (Roots) as well an old water supply coming in from the City inside. When we find out what’s the cost and plus what needs to be done we

Image of Nancy Nathanial
07 Mar 2020
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Andy was very nice and helped deal with my drain and plumbing issues during a renovation. Thank you!

Image of Alex Jones
06 Mar 2020
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Our basement drain was clogged and overflowing intermittently for 3 weeks. We decided to call DrainHome on a Monday evening and their dispatch team immediately sent someone over to our home for inspect. Andy , who I recognized as the owner

Image of gena rabinovich
05 Mar 2020
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Great bunch of guys installed a back water valve. Everything done fast and near.

Image of Margo Lassy
25 Feb 2020
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My main water service line was leaking into the basement. I called Drain Home on Friday morning, Andy came by at noon on Friday and gave me a very reasonable estimate. His crew came on Saturday morning and had the water main replaced by

Image of Sanders S
15 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Exceptional, prompt, efficient, clean, responsive service to install a sewer drain back flow valve. Some of best contractor service we have ever had. Finished quickly and could hardly tell work had taken place.

Image of Jean Charron
08 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Andy and his team of workers at DrainHome Plumbing were a pleasure to work with. Let's start with communication: Questions were always answered promptly, work was explained in an understandable manner, and there were no hidden costs. The

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5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Alex and Sharan Yeung
14 Apr 2020
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Joel was amazing. Honest, trustworthy, very helpful, and just a great guy to deal with after finding out that your basement ceiling is dripping water at 5:30am in the morning. His repair identified and solved our issue, and we were very happy with his services.

Image of Chris Higgins
08 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I am highly recommending both Brian Lynn and Priority Plumbing. Brian was here quickly after my call. He wore a mask and maintained social distance during his visit. He reviewed my problem and offered to check all the valves in the house

Image of Jonathan Tilly
05 Apr 2020
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Brian Lynn came immediately when a pipe burst in our music room. He quickly assessed the problem and got to work. He called in a second plumber, and, with Greg here, they were able to undertake the enormous work and get it all sorted out.

Image of Gianfranco Garcia
21 Mar 2020
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Greg was a true professional. He was able to sort out the initial problem of my blockage. He then was able to help me understand my next steps and provide me with multiple options. I would definately recommend him to anyone.

Image of Bill Feng
18 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Our basement drain was serviced and unclogged on April 22nd by a technician called Brian. Brian arrived on time, was professional, and explained what he was going to do. He also tidied up the area he was working in when he had finished