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Address: 1866 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H2, Canada

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13 Feb 2021
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Favorite gym to go to, I come here so much I consider it my second home. Trainers are great and the crowd is good too. Best part here is the equipment. Would recommend for sure!

Image of Paul Nielson
26 Apr 2020
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The concept is fantastic - drop in anytime and your circuit starts, like having a class on a flexible schedule. The trainers are great for form and encouragement, and you get an awesome workout in just 30 minutes.

Image of Rita MacDonald
12 Mar 2020
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It is the perfect way to exercise and the results are amazing. I feel the most fit that I ever have. All you have to do is get there and once you are there the exercises are laid out for you in 9 stations with 3 minutes at each station

Image of NH fromTO
11 Mar 2020
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9Round is the best gym at the beach! The workouts are short yet intense and energizing. The 9Round methodology of resistance training is by far more effective than traditional gyms and the results are apparent very quickly.

Image of Alessandro Luppis
11 Mar 2020
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I can workout anytime without being in a class, but feel like to be all together. Also the training is really for the whole body. I never left with the idea that I did not worked out enough! Great place to workout, great team, good vibes, good music.

Image of Emilia Graca
10 Mar 2020
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Everyone is super friendly and supportive! The workouts are challenging but quick enough that you don’t lose interest. I love that I can drop by anytime for a quick butt kick and then get on with my day :)

Image of Hope Powell
07 Feb 2020
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9Round in the Beaches is great! The trainers and team are wonderful and always make you feel welcomed and encourage you to be there.

Image of Christiane Martell
10 Jan 2020
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I love 9Round because my trainers know my name and skill level and are always pushing me to dig a little deeper and work a little harder and that's where I've been seeing real results. I love looking forward to my workouts in such a positive, friendly, and welcoming environment

Image of Melissa McCradden
07 Jan 2020
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Really love the experience with 9Round. Workouts are well constructed, balanced, and flexibly designed for all levels, instructors are great, and it is really a lot of fun!

Image of Denise Hernandez
06 Jan 2020
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Joined because of the 6-week challenge and I loved it. The diet they provide isn’t over complicated and simple to follow, although it does require willpower on your part. The workout are intense but it uses your own strength so it works for

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