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Address: 111 Strachan Ave #2, Toronto, ON M6J 2S7

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Image of Tima Farzin
10 Apr 2020
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Very fast, super low prices and honest. But very poor manners towards customers. That being said, I don't know if I'd want to pay double the price and wait double as long elsewhere, to see someone with better manners. I came for a good

Image of Ahmet Gulkan
10 Apr 2020
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Friendly service. Knowledgeable staff. Reasonable prices. Convenient location.

Image of Courtney Weller
24 Mar 2020
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was quoted $40 cash for a punctured tire repair. then given a bill for $78 not cash deal anymore since they were able to fix it the proper way? not sure what the difference was but not happy price difference was never mentioned until the

Image of Mitch K
09 Mar 2020
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Swore at me on the phone when asking if that was his most competitive quote. Would not recommend going here.

Image of Matt Clarke
06 Mar 2020
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Great garage, always get us in super fast for winter tire changes. $60 cash, fast service, get us in right away.

Image of sean shaw
19 Feb 2020
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The owner extremely over prices his service to keep the lights on, and when you ask for a quote just for labor he adds parts to the labor quote plus a mark up ... The quality or work is very poor... I would recommend spadina auto or dignity auto

Image of Danielle Snow
12 Feb 2020
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Very upset with my experience today. I have brought my car here on two other occasions for larger issues and thought it was honest service with appropriate pricing. Today I brought my car in for three more minor issues and he told me that

Image of Eric Ballance
23 Jan 2020
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The man that runs this place is honestly one of the grouchiest people I have ever come across in my life. I brought in my wife's winter tires in my truck to have installed and he told me he wouldn't do it because her car wasn't there, even

Image of Robert Picken
08 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Abis the owner and chief mechanic has a passion for cars...this is translated into his workmanship, and his honesty. This is the place to go when you get stuck and is right in the heart of the city on the transit line.

Image of S P
03 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Abbas is my guy! This place has great prices for their location and speedy service. On more than one occasion they've completed small jobs/diagnostics/inspections at no-charge. It's rare to find someone you can trust in this business but these guys are super professional. Highly recommend them.

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4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of jae dea
25 Apr 2020
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My truck broke down due to a coolant leak on route to Niagara Falls, I was able to limp it to their garage after hours. Unannounced and during busy tire change over season they were still able to accommodate me and get me back on the road

Image of Oleg Birioukov
21 Apr 2020
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Apparently, it takes a global pandemic to discover a splendid auto service. Was living next to McDermott Motors for over 20 years, yet went for service only today. Glad I did: friendly, confident, reasonably priced. Recommended.

Image of Jun Park
21 Apr 2020
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This is like an apple store in vehicle maintenance. I have finally found my new mechanic, since I left my old mechanic. In my 23 years of driving and vehicle maintenance experience going through ten different cars, countless shops all the

Image of Saiva Steinhards
22 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I just wanted to add my comments to the many excellent and worthy reviews of McDermott shop. The service and employees are amazing, so professional and knowledgable. I will recommend this shop to anybody and everybody looking for car service. Best service ever! Thank you.

Image of BJ Johnston
16 Mar 2020
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On record with CTV telling people to go idle their cars with no regard for idleing bylaws or environmental damages this would incrue. How about you tell people to put your vehicle on a trickle charger instead of telling people to defy bylaws