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Dr. Maria Ang is very passionate about providing comfortable and quality dental care to residents in the Don Mills and Eglinton area. Our goal at the Don Mills-Eglinton Dental Centre is to treat you like family and provide a friendly
4.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Natalie Mallari
19 Apr 2020
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Very Well-Welcoming and Friendly Staff. Front desk is very funny. I rate it 5 stars for their service and making sure we have our teeth clean. I am thankful enough that my mom found a dentist near by home instead of going all the way to

Image of Jamie A.
07 Apr 2020
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Dr. Maria Ang and her team are the most helpful staff ever! They make you feel comfortable. They're very knowledgeable in what they do and would always cater to your needs. Overall I would recommend them for new patients. Location and hours of operations are very flexible...excellent service!!!

Image of atp thomas
05 Apr 2020
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Dr. Maria and team have been taking care of me since last year and I would say they have done an excellent job. They explain everything to you in detail and provide the best treatment.

Image of Shawkat Ara
01 Apr 2020
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I would recommend Dr. Ang and her staff as a care taking dentist family. My son referred us and it turned out to be such a blessing while we were struggling for long more than 15-years with 2-different dentists. We almost terrified with

Image of Ella V
16 Mar 2020
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I have trauma when it comes to going to the Dentist. But After seeing Dr. Ang I never felt like I have nightmares in my life. She handled me very well like I am a family. Staffs are friendly, kind and very approachable. They all have gentle

Eye Associates of Don Mills Logo
5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Darrell MacLeod
26 Apr 2020
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I have been a customer for over 5 years now, and I have been very happy with the quality of service and professionalism of Dr. Karen Cobean. Karen has a great fun approach, and communicates the results of each eye test and is honest with

Image of Sandy Naiman
13 Apr 2020
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Beautiful and relaxing environment. Gracious and welcoming staff. Outstanding selection of frames and accessories. Most important. Dr. Michelle Nadeau’s examination was meticulous. The best I have ever experienced. I was relieved to learn

Image of Keri Boyce
13 Mar 2020
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Went in for frames and came out with not only great service but a can of Campbell soup as well! Went in to look for some new frames as I heard they have a great selection (and they do)! The staff was incredible and went above and beyond

Image of Andre Balazsovits
08 Mar 2020
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Dr Rajani & Dr Cobain lead an excellent team with everyone working together to offer top notch eye / health care! Particular thanks to Dr Rajani for always answering my questions promptly and clearly and Dennis for quickly re-adjusting or fixing ,my glasses as needed following incidents fo my physically active lifestyle :)

Image of David Williamson
02 Mar 2020
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My wife and I have been using Eye Associates of Don Mills for 20+ years.Dr. Rajani, Dr. Cobean and recently Dr. Wong have looked after our eyes.We are more than happy with the high quality of service they provide us, while

Yorktown Family Medicine Logo
3/5 (9 reviews)
Image of Laurie M
24 Apr 2020
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Dr. Kim is so patient with me, and I'm a very nervous patient. She listens and I find that if I'm upset about something that she is very calming. Also, doesn't seem judgmental in the way I've seen other docs behave. Encourages the healthy choices without a lecture. Truly lucky to be a patient here.

Image of Taginah Zekrullah
23 Apr 2020
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Dr. Kim is a bias doctor. If you look good and rich her tone of communication changes. Never took my concerns seriously and sent me home telling me your knee pain is all in your head never bothered sending me for x-ray or MRI. Shortly after

Image of Sara Lucia's Fun House
09 Apr 2020
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Terrible experience with Dr. Yap- refused to give me a minute of her time to ask a question. Came in for lab work and just wanted a minute of her time- waiting room was empty. Always in a rush to get you out of the office when you do have an appointment, which aren't that easy to get.

Image of Rachenne Regozo
08 Apr 2020
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I've been a patient of Dr. Lorraine Lee for a few years now and she has also become my 3-yr olds doctor as well. She is very approachable, professional, attentive and thorough - really easy to talk to and trust. Dr. Lee can be challenging

Image of Mrs. B
26 Mar 2020
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Dr. Lorraine Lee runs her practice like big business. Not sure if she is a good doctor but before getting to meet her, the receptionist ask you to sign off on uninsured fees and clinic rules which indicate that she can be late but you

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