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4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Lucille B
23 Apr 2020
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“Student” didn’t tell the doc which pimples I wanted extracted and he ended up doing the ones I specifically didn’t want to get done and now it’s left a scar. He didn’t bother asking which ones I wanted popped and she didn’t bother telling

Image of Rahul Jaura
21 Apr 2020
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He's an amazing person and an equally amazing doctor. He treated me for a condition that all the so-called "top" dermatologists failed to even properly diagnose. Additionally, he's a man of God, who is utterly and completely selfless with

Image of Kinton K
19 Apr 2020
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I went here years ago for a mole to be removed from my face, the experience was fast, and efficient, end of story. I've read some of the other bad reviews and have to say, a doctor isn't there to be your friend, isn't there to comfort or

Image of Sam Jaymeh
13 Apr 2020
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One of the best doctors in Toronto Very talent and expert I got well withen 2 weeks afrt I took his prescription Thanks alot

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04 Apr 2020
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We had a really good experience with Dr. Simone! He was very caring and knowledgeable. My son had a severe case of poison ivy and previous creams he was prescribed were not helping. We went to see Dr. Simone and he prescribed a different cream and the results were immediate. We highly recommend him to anyone! He is a brilliant man!

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MCI The Doctors Office is one of the largest medical clinic groups in Canada. Services include Family Practice and Walk-In Clinics, In-House Specialists, professional staff including Nurses, on site lab, and additional services such as Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, Medical spa
2/5 (10 reviews)
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24 Apr 2020
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It really depends on the Doctor... My favorite is Dr Shokar and hes EXCELLENT!!! The wait time is also great if you go in the middle of work/school hours! I recommend not going after 4 cause they won’t accept you -even if the clinic closes

Image of Nick T
23 Apr 2020
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The doctors at this location seem as if they feel they are better than everyone, very ignorant and in a hurry to prescribe drugs without exploring options. This is a seemingly large office with little staff but the wait times are just insane!

Image of Dave Rycroft
22 Mar 2020
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I have been seeing Dr. Kumra for about 4 years and have always found him to be friendly, helpful and accurate.

Image of Emily
20 Mar 2020
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I walked in and greeted the clerk (Spanish accent with blonde/grey hair, elderly with 3d moles all over her face) she looked at me and asked if I had an appointment and before I could even answer her she cut me off to say well the doctors

Image of Adam Carney
17 Mar 2020
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Beyond rude, incompetent and bordering on negligence. I felt unsafe.

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4.4/5 (10 reviews)
Image of c w
16 Apr 2020
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Very seldom right a review, " But" Dr.Oza needs to get her head out of her cosmetic clinic and pay more attention to her patient's in her family practice. Don't worry about the blood work, just manage the symptoms. Good thing I got a second opinion . Will never go back here!

Image of Raghu Venugopal
13 Apr 2020
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Christine the office administrator was very kind and helpful when trying to secure a new family doctor. She really loves her job and was great.

Image of Michelle Q
10 Apr 2020
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Dr. Cifelli is excellent and caring. Hard to get an appointment last minute and the wait on the phone to speak to a receptionist can be very long, maybe up to half an hour but they do try to be helpful once they take your call.

Image of Naila Hooda
07 Apr 2020
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Dr. Cifelli is incredible! Always listens and spends time with you. I think he should teach other Doctors how to treat patients! The best part is that his receptionist is also very nice, helpful and responsive. I have a newborn and to be treated kindly by the entire clinic has been a priceless experience.

Image of Fred D
02 Apr 2020
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Excellent experience with the Doctors and Nursing staff. The receptionists are generally friendly, but when you call in to make an appointment and call in, many times you are out on hold from 10 to 25 minutes. The waiting time is

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