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Dr. Beverley Davis

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Address: 726 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L4

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Image of Gnat Blat
06 Feb 2020
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Best family physician!

Image of Nadia Afghan
23 Jan 2020
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In their website says accepting new patients, but when I called she no :(

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Citrus Medical Centre - Lake Shore Logo
3.4/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Suanu King
23 Apr 2020
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The cheapest place. Not sure what their game is but they wouldn’t prescribe some basic diagnostics eg. ultrasound, x-ray, blood test, etc., by claiming it’s a waste of the government money when any other walk-in will send you there as the

Image of Zarko Bilal
20 Apr 2020
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There are competent doctors here and it's a nice enough office but if you are looking for a walk-in clinic, you might be waiting a long time. They allow people whose family physicians are here to make appointments and supersede any

Image of Stephanie Howe
14 Mar 2020
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Alicia is the best receptionest, she ALWAYS goes above and beyond, if you need anything speak to her, the other ones are always about money. Forgot to add that Dr.Pham is an AMAZING DOCTOR my kids and I love her, she really cares.

Image of Roman Tymchyk
08 Mar 2020
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Haven't had a bad experience here, everyone shows they care, even if you're just walk-in. I've had a universally poor experience at every clinic I ever went to, but this seems to be an exception. One of the biggest standouts is that the front staff actually make you feel welcomed.

Image of juttajutta5
03 Mar 2020
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I have been seeing Dr. Monika Madan since last January. She is punctual, thorough and overall focused on YOU when she provides care. So far, I have been receiving excellent care.