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Address: 126 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2N 4R7, Canada

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3.8 Average rating
Image of Baharak Azkia
19 Apr 2020
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Dr. Heravy is one of the best and most experienced dentist, I have ever known.I never liked going to the dentist but Dr.Heravy makes every session comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Heravy.

Image of Ellena Azadian
17 Apr 2020
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The service here was BEYOND excellent!!!Despite being my father's dentist (I have a different dentist) when I had an

Image of Roya M
10 Apr 2020
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I’ve been a patient at Dr Safari’s office for many years. He’s excellent at what he does and his staff is always friendly and professional. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist!

Image of Mike Welch
03 Apr 2020
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LIED about being kid friendly My son was there today He was getting a filling as the drill was in his mouth he moved a little bit the

Image of Igor Ginzburg
02 Apr 2020
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Dr. Alan Goran has caused me exactly 1 year+ of chronic pain. Steer clear of this place. I have spent thousands of dollars, on a second root canal, seeing different "TMJ" specialists and dentists etc and nobody can figure out what is wrong

Image of Noah Goldstein
07 Mar 2020
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Dr Alan Goren is an incredible dentist. Very caring and responsive. I had a dental issue at 10pm on a Tuesday, he took some my call and met me at 7am at his office

Image of Abe Glowinsky
23 Jan 2020
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Dr. Alan Goren is fantastic! He has tons of experience and treats all of his patients with the utmost integrity. Dr. Goren makes the "dentist experience" extremely pleasurable. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Image of Nader Zand
13 Jan 2020
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Dr. Heravy is very knowledgeable and his experience makes the visit more comfortable.

Image of Yakeyak Yak
08 Jan 2020
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Very Professional and and caring about their patience.

Image of Holly Ruccia
07 Jan 2020
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Left 4 messages, no reply. Look for another dentist.

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5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Maria Calado
26 Apr 2020
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Dr. Cloth is a very caring, gentle professional dentist. His hygienists are very friendly and thorough. All his staff are super kind. I'm always greeted and welcomed with a smile. I highly recommend Dr. Cloth.

Image of Golnaz Tadayyon
09 Apr 2020
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Professional Dentistry, good practice & the best customer service ever!You can be in touch with them just through text, and they're totally responsive, prompt and cooperative.

Image of ImaCherry Yee
01 Apr 2020
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A great dentist for the whole family. We’ve been getting the best oral health care from Dr.Cloth and staff for the past 13 years. It’s a super bonus when Dr.Cloth turned into a holistic dentist. (Lagance)

Image of Florin David
15 Mar 2020
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Dr. Cloth is one of the best dentist which i met in the last 15 years. Very professional, always polite, in time with scheduled appointments.His staff is also great, staring with ladies from the front desk and everybody else all the way to the last room. Highly recommanded.

Image of Zzzz Mine
02 Mar 2020
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I love Dentistry on Sheppard because of 3 things. 1) they're holistic and uses less chemicals as possible 2) Dr. Cloth is very thorough and perfectionist with his work. 3) the girls at the front, assistants and hygienists are very knowledgeable and helpful. I like being reminded when i'm due to come for my next appointment.