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Address: 1333 Sheppard Ave E Suite 250, North York, ON M2J 1V1, Canada

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Image of Ben Volman
03 Apr 2020
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Dr. Gardner and his staff have provided our family with the finest possible dental care over the past two decades. For years, i was coping with dental pain and Dr. Gardner provided a long-lasting solution that has kept me pain free ever

Image of Linda Sacco
13 Mar 2020
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I have been going to Dr. Gardner since he took over from Dr. Sonley.He has been great, keeping up with the latest in dentistry and being very informative.

Image of Leonard Aitken
06 Mar 2020
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Having a dentist like Dr. Gardner is not common. Your teeth are important as is your health. I find Dr Gardner has your health in mind and lets face it, if you can't eat

Image of Shoko
17 Feb 2020
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Great service and stuff. Very helpful with all the dental needs and questions. I've been looked after by them for 20 years and it has been wonderful.

Image of Renato Zane
08 Feb 2020
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Dr. Gardner and his passionate staff have provided gentle, effective care to our family for over 30 years. I highly recommend contacting them for your next appointment. Modern facility, well-coordinated appointments and a sensible

Image of Pokemon Master
03 Feb 2020
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Dr Gardner has been my dentist for about 18 years now. His reception staff are fantastic and extremely helpful, they even send cute dental postcards to remind me when I’m due for an appointment. His oral hygiene team is absolutely

Image of Erin Holman
24 Jan 2020
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Dr. Gardner always takes the time to explain procedures and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I am always happy and satisfied with the service I receive.

Image of Marina
19 Jan 2020
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I have a patient of David Garner for 30 years. I have tried to leave several times since I live to far away from his office (in good traffic 1 1/2 hours. I always return since he is the best dentist I have had. I have tried out other

Image of Mandy Taylor
16 Jan 2020
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Dr. Gardner is the Ferrari of dentists. He is a top notch dentist who looks after the health of your teeth first and foremost but also considers the aesthetics. He wants you to feel great and look wonderful. The staff are excellent and

Image of Maxim An
08 Jan 2020
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The team at the Gardner Dental Centre is always very friendly and professional. Dr. Gardner is a very approachable individual who's always open for questions during visits.

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