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Address: 11 Glen Scarlett Rd, Toronto, ON M6N 1P5

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2.9 Average rating
Image of Antonio Moraes
26 Feb 2020
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Worst service ever.. they don't let you get your stuff from the car once your car has been into a collision.

Image of Aryan Ryan
23 Feb 2020
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I mean the customer service was pretty nice. However I would wish that they should probably communicate between each other more. Like for example if my car is being towed, they should know where it is and IF they have it at their location

Image of Tete Zanza
18 Feb 2020
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I had a really bad experience with them there. They towed my car and there wasn't a parking sign indicating that I should not park within certain time. Went to jp to get my car a day after didn't have any money in my account at the time

Image of Christina Pritchard
11 Feb 2020
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They offer 24/7 Towing & Roadside assistance, each driver works very hard and is dedicated to respectfully help each customer. Just know that if you need help with your vehicle and don't know what to do you can call their qualified team,

Image of anthony rende
01 Feb 2020
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Great, pleasant, compassionate, quick, sevice. 5 stars to the truck driver. I think his name was Jesus. Real nice guy.

Image of Ruhma Butt
22 Jan 2020
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I would give 0 stars if I could. I witnessed this company be extremely disrespectful, rude and racist to customers!! What kind of towing company does this?? Also, the managers do NOT do anything except hang up the call on you, after telling

Image of Keith Redston
17 Jan 2020
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Service was good and driver was very professional but way overpriced. I got towed 16 km and cost me $480! Call somewhere else, don’t get ripped off like I did.

Image of A O
06 Jan 2020
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Tony Ciccone was a great man who helped me lots! I feel very grateful that he came very quickly and solved the problem. He also gave me a good explanation and advice. I’ll want to ask him again if I need any helps. Thank you so much!

Image of Benjamin Boileau
05 Jan 2020
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They damage things and don't pay for them. It's a scam.

Image of Mike Bugaj
05 Jan 2020
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I called to have a spare put on my tundra cause I had a flat. The dispatcher insisted that an impact gun was required for any vehicle with a five bolt pattern and they couldn't help me. I gave up with them real quick when I realized that she had no idea what she was talking about.

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