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Address: 620 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G2

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Image of Mariah Theologos
02 Mar 2020
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Favorite boot camp EVER

Image of Aaron Ames
21 Feb 2020
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I've been working out at Lyft for a while now- the trainers are excellent, good equipment, clean, really positive place to get you where you need to go. Great advice for all things diet and exercise.

Image of Lisa MacQueen
21 Feb 2020
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I love this hidden gem in the city! What a great place to feel inspired to look and feel your best. Josh is an amazing trainer who has listened to my personal fitness goals and has been great at tailoring workouts to get me back to healthy

Image of valentin caudan
11 Feb 2020
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Amazing gym, definitely one of the best I've been to. I used to go to their Monday/Friday bootcamps: great instructors, awesome workout.

Image of david mclay
09 Feb 2020
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I've trained at Lyft since it first opened. It's a unique space with dedicated trainers. Lyft helped me get serious about my fitness goals, and I have made serious progress there. I'm more fit now than ever before, thanks to Josh and his

Image of Graham Tonge
03 Feb 2020
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I’ve been doing Bootcamp’s and personal training at lyft since it openned in 2016. It’s a nice boutique gym in the heart of Toronto’s Wellesley/bloor village . To me, it feels more comfortable and personalized than other larger gyms downtown. Josh has been a great trainer, helping me maintain my fitness goals.

Image of Winwithout Aknife
22 Jan 2020
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Has to be Toronto's most unique gym, and what a view. Trainers and camp coaches seem exceptional and the bootcamp was intense. A hidden gem!

Image of Reey Yadin
18 Jan 2020
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Great place to really get fit and stronger! Awesome trainers and amazing bootcamp sessions. I've been training with the Lyft team for the past year and the difference is huge. It is definitely not another regular gym. Thank you Lyft Fitness!

Image of Nick B
15 Jan 2020
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Have been going here for just over 2 years now. All staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or are an avid gym goer, this place is awesome for their boot camps and personal training.

Image of Lana Severni
13 Jan 2020
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i've had a great experience working out here so far. clean, brand new facility, nice equipment, not over-crowded, nice staff. best thing IMO is the city view. the natural light/skyline puts me in a really focused yet serene mood. hard to

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