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Address: 600 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5, Canada

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4.8 Average rating
Image of Jane Dorring
11 Mar 2020
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Love these guys. I have a serious autoimmune disorder, they saved my life. I don’t mind the long drive downtown because I feel so relaxed and grateful after every visit. Top notch treatment, terrific bedside manners, and I wish I had come here first.

Image of Glenn Dickler
05 Mar 2020
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Very nice people big hospital built in the 70S

Image of Rose Smith
03 Mar 2020
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Dental Department, I needed to take my medically fragile Father for dental extraction a week ago. The department is extremely busy, he had excellent care from the time we had our first contact with recepiton all the way through to providing

Image of Daveshia Laidley
19 Feb 2020
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I gave birth to my son here about a month ago and I would do it all over again if I had to. The nurses assigned to me rarely left my side and explained everything in detail. Not only did they engage in conversation but they made me feel so

Image of Homam Alba
16 Feb 2020
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I must profess my bias as I work here but I have been a patient on several occasions here and the amount of care and attention you receive is truly incredible. The medical and nursing staff are genuinely patient centered in their approach. Great teaching hospital

Image of Tmobile
13 Feb 2020
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Nice hospital with proper procedures to deal with gul bladder stones unlike any hospital in scarborough

Image of Marie Lachance
12 Feb 2020
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Best hospital I've been too, best bedside manner, so kind and considerate, they double check, triple checked everything, presented everybody that was in the operating room, and made sure everybody was clear on what they where doing and

Image of caryn miller
26 Jan 2020
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Dr A Omar in Rheumatology, was one of the most solicitous, intelligent and caring physicians I’ve encountered in a long time. He patiently listened to my concerns, and consequently sent me for several tests to determine any possible

Image of Rewind Cat
06 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Rly good u should go. Edit: don’t get sick, but if you DO, this is the place 👍

Image of Ibrahim Ahmad
01 Jan 2020
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Great Hospital ! Excellent staff very clean, very niceWould definitely recommend this hospital to anyone looking for one.

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