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Off The Hook Fishbar Logo
On the lake or in the city fresh seafood lives here. Lively local wine list that expresses our beautiful terroir, a profusion of super fresh oysters, mussels, clams and fish, all from the beautiful east coast of our country. Supporting
4.8/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Serge Zaretsky
03 Apr 2020
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Fantastic menu from the seafood to the wine. Appreciate all the gluten free options. Encore!

Image of Johnson Kong
25 Mar 2020
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We go to Off The Hook specifically for their gluten-free batter option for their fish. Fish and fries are cooked in a separate fryer than the flour items so safe for our wheat allergies! Batter is light and easy to eat. Two pieces of fish and a generous serving of fries along with slaw. Tip: Oysters are half-priced on Sundays!

Image of Stacy DuBois
12 Mar 2020
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Great food and safe options for people with Celiac disease, but I feel like the value for your money isn't really there anymore. I feel sad saying this because I've been going to Off The Hook since they opened but my last visit was pretty

Image of Melissa Pain
06 Mar 2020
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Amazing, perfectly cooked Halibut that was light and flaky. The French fries tasted like they had just come fresh out of a chip truck on Sauble Beach🏖 complete with skins! Delicious!!!! Pick them up so they aren’t mushy. And, while you’re there, make sure to tip the staff well$$

Image of David Cohen
02 Mar 2020
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Great place. They have some great products. I usually get some oysters and salmon when I stop by.

Demetres Danforth Logo
4.3/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Leonardo Montero
23 Apr 2020
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Great place for dessert and coffee! Dessert portions are huge for the price you pay. Staff was very attentive, always refilling our cups of water and asking if we needed anything else and if everything was to our liking. The place was

Image of Shazad Dastoor
23 Apr 2020
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One of the best dessert places I have been to. It's a meal in itself. I suggest going there after a light dinner or no dinner at all. Definitely do not go there on a full stomach if you want to really enjoy the dishes. Apart from the

Image of Julia Fernandes
20 Apr 2020
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I remember when Demetres had so many different pies and crazy desserts. Now there were only crepes and they look big on the place but there was like a drop of nutella and looked big because the crepe is not folded. In reality is a very basic dessert and just presented in a tricky way.

Image of Koko's Mama
06 Apr 2020
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The reason I'm giving it 3 stars - Not baby friendly and not wheelchair accessible. My husband and I love Demetres at Danforth. They always have the best desserts. However, now that we have a baby we realize things that we never really

Image of Caressa Browne
18 Mar 2020
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Very nice place the sever was very friendly and nice and helpful with everything we needed I only had a vanilla milkshake but it was really god and that vanilla cream sauce the put on top is the die for

Ryus Noodle Bar Logo
4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Andre Laurent
11 Apr 2020
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Nice place, good location, very busy with quite the wait after 6pm. Also tight spacing, elbow rubbing. Best if you like to get along with stranger diners.. Would go again.....

Image of Jimmy Trang
25 Mar 2020
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Great ramen made by great Japanese people . Hospitality on point food def on point . If you get a chance try their pork blaster bowl . It's for people who love pork and rich flavors . If it's sold out my go to is the Angus beef tsukemen . Highly recommend this dip ramen

Image of Karen Deng
17 Mar 2020
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Awesome ramen bar with lots of options (pork, chicken, vegetarian; dry and soupy noodles). Great noodles every time and the quality is consistently high.

Image of Minjae Chris Kim
10 Mar 2020
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Is there a premium on Japanese food? I hate paying this Japan tax on everything Japanese. Not worth 20 dollars. Service was good. Very friendly staff, very fast. Perhaps with time, the market will saturate enough for these Japanese establishments to come in line in pricing. 20 dollars for a small bowl of ramen is exorbitant.

Image of Aj and nichola Foodadventures
22 Feb 2020
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R-yus kidding me?!This ramen is ART people. A ride to flavour town, an experience with every

The Auld Spot Pub Logo
Your local on the Danforth. Amazing foodAnd a great selection of drinks, sweet tunes and low lighting
McDonald's Logo
From the Big Mac to the Quarter Pounder, we have been serving smiles and memories, coast-to-coast, since 1967.
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