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Address: 250 Wincott Dr unit 33, Etobicoke, ON M9R 2R5

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Image of Ang D
20 Apr 2020
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Unfortunately the front desk Client care employee in charge as of today -NEEDS to be told by her superiors (owner of the clinics) to treat all customers with dignity especially once they arrive with their pet For A Scheduled Appointment at

Image of Sandy Hamilton
09 Mar 2020
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I brought them a kind sweet dog with a bladder infection. They did an ultrasound with a new machine they hadn't used before. They were going to use a needle to remove urine from her bladder. I told them to sedate her but they didnt. I

Image of Jan Burgess
22 Feb 2020
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I was very impressed with this place. It was my first visit with my dog Rumble, although my husband had brought the cat here last year. I was not happy with the previous vet I was taking Rumble to, so I switched his files and this place

Image of Connie Micallef
20 Feb 2020
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All the staff loved my puppy Sassy -therefore they are number one in my booksIt seems my puppy felt right at home with Dr Johnson and all the very kind and attentive staffWe shall return!!!

Image of Greg Loubert
19 Feb 2020
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As an owner of many pets I have bounced from vet to vet to try and find one that knew what they were talking about and could help in making my pets most comfortable. I recently stumbled upon a Richview Animal clinic as I had my constipated

Image of Kim Barnsdale
02 Feb 2020
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The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Sadly we had to put our dog to sleep just before Christmas and they were all so kind and patient and took the time to go over the diagnosis and options to us. They really care.

Image of Michelle L
25 Jan 2020
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Staff is quite friendly, patient, and helpful with my dog who puts up a fight to enter the clinic. Once inside though the staff is gentle with him and takes their time during the appointments. They make sure not to rush Charlie or make him feel intimidated, which is very important!

Image of Hans Blandon
20 Jan 2020
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love all the people there. they are very professional and they sure love what they do. They took care of my cat daisy and also taught me somethings i didn't know about cats. Thank you so very much.

Image of Dan Cardone
17 Jan 2020
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We were looking at adopting a new puppy Shichon and as first time pet owners we had a number of questions. A technician at Richview returned our call right away and answered them and offered some very helpful advice. After bringing our new

Image of Jennifer Terryberry
14 Jan 2020
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My Rosie was suffering from allergies and was not feeling herself. Brought her to Richview Animal Hospital and she is feeling SO MUCH BETTER! The staff and doctors are amazing and genuinely care about your furry family member! Also, the prices they charge are reasonable. I would recommend this vet clinic to anyone!

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3.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Kendra-Lynn Page
23 Apr 2020
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Balanced everyone in the waiting room. They took me so fast. Though I was there for many hours, I had a very good experience with everyone. It was my first time being there so I had no idea on where to go or do, everyone I asked was very

Image of sel b
04 Apr 2020
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Was here from 10:30pm to 8 am the next morning. Miserable experience. Rude nurses. Waiting room in the ER was revolting, we weren’t the only ones complaining. Trash everywhere, imagine all the germs. All my aunt needed was a cat scan. They

Image of V VT
21 Mar 2020
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I went there for a gastroscopy. Straightforward check-in process, using the kiosk at the reception. The facilities were clean, even though some renovation work was in progress. The staff and

Image of Angela Maria Rotilio
09 Mar 2020
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I had, although the new changes of upgrading the Hospital lately, another Excellent experience with all of you Doctors, Nurses and working people!You have and show empathy to each and any the cases that will bring us there for

Image of Y Sajid
03 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Truly care about you and eager to go out of their way to assist you. Nadine from Emergency is amazing and I cannot thank her enough for her help. Would recommend this hospital for your health concerns.