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Address: 625 Runnymede Rd, Toronto, ON M6S 3A3, Canada

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4 Average rating
Image of Simon Fraser
14 Apr 2020
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One of the best health care provider

Image of John Ish Ishmael
09 Mar 2020
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Dedicated OT and Physio 7 days weekly.

Image of Enzo Piscioneri
07 Mar 2020
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My mom was at Runnemede for 4 years and I am grateful for having her there. If Runnymede would allocate more nurses that place would have no complaints at all. Over all the nurses there are excellent and compationate. There should be no

Image of Elle Cass
25 Feb 2020
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Absolutely the worst place you could ever place your loved ones my father was on the 3rd floor east side for 4months he was not looked after by staff the ceo in this hospital is known to all staff as a money hungry woman everyone walks on

Image of B Si
18 Feb 2020
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Great facility to have a elder person stay or someone that needs long term care. The parking is very affordable so thats always a plus. The centre is very clean and there are lots of elevators and meeting areas that you can go to with your

Image of Natalie Lenstra
14 Feb 2020
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After Open Heart surgery and eating food prepared by prisoners in St. Michaels hospital, my brother believes he is on vacation in a spa. The people are great, the food is superb...he wants to move in LOL

Image of ShTariq Rasul
09 Feb 2020
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Sure!let mr see th results

Image of Freya Peyton
24 Jan 2020
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This was my first time at a Runnymede Healthcare. The doctor and nurses were really professional and kind. They did a great job. Thanks a lot

Image of Mackenzie Health
20 Jan 2020
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The morale here is not great. High staff turnover. People don't want to work here longer than absolutely necessary. And it's not because of the patients.

Image of Dalton H
02 Jan 2020
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Staff was great. Kept me up to date on my mom daily status. was very polite and in tune with my mom issues, and got her back on track. Would recommend this facility for sure 5 Star

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