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Address: 300 Borough Dr #53 · In Scarborough Town Centre

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4.4 Average rating
Image of Leonard E
14 Apr 2020
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Well, after 25 years with the same dentist, I finally decided to get one closer to work.

Image of Vara P
16 Mar 2020
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Incredible, very knowledgeable and cheery group of individuals. Dr. Cumandra and Dr. Isabel are extremely skilled and very friendly. It's rare to come across another dental office that's as wholesome, kind and caring as this one. ScarboroSmiles is truly one of a kind; I wish I could rate them beyond 5 stars :)

Image of Sidrah Khatoon
07 Mar 2020
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I highly suggest not going here at least specifically not to Dr. Kocho Cumandra's team. Myself and my family have been a client for years yet they have no loyalty for their clients. They won't pick up your phone for cancellation and then on

Image of Sana Maqsood
24 Feb 2020
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Jessica and the whole staff is really nice.

Image of K K
22 Feb 2020
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I have been using this dental office for over 10 years. The staff are very friendly. The appointments aren’t always on time. I usually call ahead to find out if they are running on time. The location is very convenient as the bus station and RT line is there. There is also free parking at the mall.

Image of Maya NJ
13 Feb 2020
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I have been a patient of Dr. C for 10 years and I will continue for many more! My dental care is in the best hands -hands down! His staff is very friendly and always welcoming with a smile.

Image of K.Serge Paul
13 Feb 2020
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I had a teeth cleaning appointment, thanks to Priya for her professionalism and her attention to detail. Everything was very well done and hence I am very satisfied with the results !

Image of soso hey
23 Jan 2020
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I have been going to Dr.Cumandra for over 8 years now and my experiences have been incredible. I have undergone a few very complicated oral surgeries over the years and my results have been great with no complications. The office itself is

Image of Lillian Desorcy
22 Jan 2020
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Sorry; but your request for this review, went off my radar; but our working relationship/experience is more historical; so no so much a timed item. I have been seeing Dr. Comandra for my dental services for over 30 years; and he has always

Image of Dennis Alon
02 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I’ve been going to this place for 10 years. They’ve done everything from fillings to cleanings to xrays and so much more to keep my teeth looking and feeling healthy.

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4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Maria Boulos
20 Apr 2020
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I’ve been going to this Esquire Dental Centres regularly for the past 15 years. Dr. Mark is the dentist that everyone is looking for, you will be amazed by his expertise in the dental field. He makes sure that all your concerns are met and

Image of Mona Fouad
13 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I would highly recommend Esquire Dental Centres. Doctors and staff members are very professional, helpful and friendly. Over the years, my husband, kids and I have done many procedures with them and always left satisfied with the results. They are always very caring and understanding of their patients needs and concerns.

Image of Coach J
05 Apr 2020
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My experiences at this clinic are so amazing that I would recommend to everyone! The whole team from the front office to the doctors and technicians are always so friendly, efficient and professional.

Image of Enaya Rabba
03 Apr 2020
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Great experience at advanced dental center! Dr. Mark and the entire Esquire team. Thank you so much for the excellent dental care you’ve always given me and my family,

Image of Katia Barretto
25 Mar 2020
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Got a tooth filling here a couple months ago. The female dentist was rude, did not listen to my questions, and left without notice after filling my tooth to attend to other clients. Neither did she explain to me anything about the procedure