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Address: 555 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X8, Canada

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4.6 Average rating
Image of Wasim Azid
26 Apr 2020
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The names of the hospital says everything. Its a world class hospital with wonderful and kind staff. It has all type of medical facilities, emergency and mall as well. Tim Hortons, Subway, Shoppers Drug Mart and so many restaurant options available for food.

Image of Coryna U
21 Apr 2020
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I was an out-patient or Sick Kids for years during my childhood and lived my visits there our any other doctor or hospital trip I took. The hospital has a little bit of colour and feels less sterile than most which makes it a more

Image of Kristen Horner
21 Apr 2020
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This place does the most amazing work, thank you for all you do!! You helped my friends daughter, she is alive and thriving because of this hospital!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Image of Precious Lesko
20 Apr 2020
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Hands down, the nicest hospital I've ever been to in Canada. I feel like all other hospitals can learn so much from Sick Kids. Bedside manner: On point. Volunteers visiting, and keeping kids entertained. How quick service is. How you're

Image of Carlos Yan
25 Feb 2020
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as a big reliable hospital can you please stop asking mom and dad stay over night only because nurse saying" we are short of nurses" we feel pressure for that, if we have choice we wouldn't go there and leave our kid over night. however I

Image of Abhilash Reddy
16 Feb 2020
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We had to bring our daughter to be checked here for hip surgery due to her hip replacement.It's a severe situation and we didn't had any idea how it will be treated...

Image of YY
09 Feb 2020
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High quality of medical service. All staffs are very nice.

Image of Angel Heaven
25 Jan 2020
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Nice atmosphere for kids, clean place , good temperature (not freezing as in some hospitals) service not bad, I wish will be better !

Image of P Lem
13 Jan 2020
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One of the world's best children's hospital. Security at information is a little lacking with lots of attitude. We were there Dec 7, 2018, late evening. Two security "guys" on duty sitting at the information desk was busy in a discussion.

Image of muhammad hayat
02 Jan 2020
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First time visited Sick Kids for my daughter’s illness and I was impressed with how they managed the whole situation. Had horrible experiences with Scarborough General and they pretty much couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

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