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The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre

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Address: 650 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G5, Canada

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Image of Rick Caster
18 Apr 2020
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Donations, lotteries,govt support you name it Toronto hospitals get lots of funds to fight diseases like cancer, etc.This place needs $5 each half hour for patients and their families to park their cars,it cuts into these poor souls medication expense,but we know doctors need more $ to treat the ill.

Image of Uma Rao
17 Apr 2020
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The staff is kind, friendly and very helpful.

Image of Timmy Tim
16 Apr 2020
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My love one is at the Grace on Raquel's floor--so very grateful for all that you do--nurses and rehab people--You also had to fix up the hospital because of the wheelchairs hitting the walls. I know it is not our home and you folks do a

Image of Marie Klaassen
14 Apr 2020
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My father died on the palliative care floor shortly ago. What an incredibly caring and tuned-in group of people. The environment is one of calm competence and the staff care for the whole family unit. Although we were not there long,

Image of Justin E
08 Apr 2020
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Fire alarms are loud, it is nice to see that everyone is working together in case there is an emergency--a little of organized to watch..Thanks for cleaning up the parking lot

Image of jennifer Wareham
24 Mar 2020
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Great atmosphere--Staff on 3rd are great! Can't thank you enough...You put in so much for patients and staff--I feel sometimes families don't appreciate what they have---If they want a home, then go home. This is a hospital. Really appreciate all that you do

Image of MJ
24 Mar 2020
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My husband has been on the palliative care floor for a month and he is surrounded by caring staff. They are constantly looking for ways to make him comfortable. Thank you for your compassion on this last part of his journey.

Image of David Deline
10 Mar 2020
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Fantastic palliative care. My Father-in-law was cared for by the Palliative Care group during the last week of his life. I want to acknowledge how attentive, caring, and personable the staff was. My family and I feel especially fortunate

Image of Joseph Lambert
03 Mar 2020
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Great personality, good care and just really look after my mom--Just to let you know that she is doing well at home. We were hesitant at first but everyone came through. Please do keep up the great work--

Image of Jody Chaters
03 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

The atmosphere is calm and the staff amazing. Richard has been there only a few day and already knows the staff. Thank you to all. Jody

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