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3.7 Average rating
Image of Philip Martiniello
22 Mar 2020
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Friendly and quick. We have used them several times for our own business. They come when they say they will and they communicate intelligently as to what's going on. Stephanie is very friendly and professional on the phone. Hard to find a good plumbing company so thanks for the good work!

Image of Kelly Lawrence
18 Mar 2020
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I had Trouble Shooters unclog my kitchen sink which had been backing up occasionally for awhile. The plumber was professional and was able to get my sink unclogged pretty quick. I'm happy with the service and the price was fair. Definitely would use them again.

Image of Bill Looper
07 Mar 2020
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Plumber came to my house within an hour. Happy with the service provided, would recommend.

Image of Tim Current
26 Feb 2020
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I called Troubleshooters after seeing one of their vans in the area. I had a draining problem in my basement, and was worried that there would be a root in the pipe or something.

Image of Kristy Whittaker
08 Feb 2020
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Professional and quick.

Image of Taylor Colt
05 Feb 2020
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Very impressed with Trouble Shooters Plumbing and Drains and even more impressed with the the gentlemen ( Nick ) that came and resolved the issue.

Image of Andrew Street
22 Jan 2020
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I have been a fool.A year ago I got these guys to put in a toilet for me. The guy complained he had big fingers and so the type of toilet I bought was hard for him to

Image of Rachel Di Martino
19 Jan 2020
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Really nice staff. Came and fixed same day within a couple hours. I found it reasonably priced for the value and time spent.

Image of Design Build
18 Jan 2020
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We never did business with them. But we just once filled in their contact form for a quote request. Since then we receive literally 100s of spam emails from their site and domain on a daily basis. More than a month now, so far it has not stopped. What kind of business is this and who designed their website?

Image of Mike Barsoum
02 Jan 2020
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I called for an estimate over the phone. I clearly stated my problem. They insisted on coming in to give a quote and charge $150 to come to your house. So a fee is forced upon you so they can give you a quote. Pretty stupid! What's the point of asking for a quote on the phone? Great ethics you have.

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