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Address: 1208 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5

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Image of Jackie Stenn
12 Apr 2020
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I got my teeth straighten with in 8 months in their office. I can not believe how my teeth look like when I look at my pictures from the past. They did a great job. Thanks a lot :-)

Image of Hans Solkin
08 Apr 2020
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I straight my teeth here with Invisalign. It was done in 7 months and they showed me my teeth movements before starting of treatment with computer software which was pretty cool. They also improve the look of my teeth in addition to straightening them. Great beautiful smile.

Image of Eric Bratt
05 Apr 2020
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The entire team at Aban Dental in Yaletown is excellent. Polite and helpful during each interaction, the team provided first-rate service and demonstrated a degree of professionalism that was much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Image of Allen Joe
03 Apr 2020
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This dental office in yaletown, downtown Vancouver set in a clean and tidy way. The dentist is very knowledgeable and explains every thing with all options. I have just finished my Invisalign ( clear braces) with them and the result is

Image of Steve Hannay
21 Mar 2020
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I got my teeth aligned with them. The results are amazing and they were very accommodative with my busy schedule during treatment. Many thanks to Dr. Korshid and staff.

Image of Edward Newmann
10 Mar 2020
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I had really bad teeth and visited few offices in which they recommended to do braces. Based on my job position, braces was not an option. I referred by one of my friends to this office in Yaletown , downtown Vancouver. They said that they can do invisalign. I did it with them and the changes are amazing. These guys are pro.

Image of Laura Watson
04 Mar 2020
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I did invisalign with them. They show me the final results before starting the treatment which was amazing. Now that I am done , my teeth are exactly same as what the showed me at the beginning. I want to thank them every single day when I look at my teeth in mirror. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.

Image of Donald Harshi
03 Mar 2020
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I have got consultation in many dental offices to straighten my teeth as I had a very crooked teeth. Couple of orthodontists recommended having braces which was not possible due to my life style. I started my Invisalign in this office which

Image of Moe Jazayeri
23 Jan 2020
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I have finished my Invisalign in BRACES VANCOUVER office in Yaletown Vancouver and the result was great. My whole treatment just took 7 months and the transformation is beyond my expectation. At BRACES VANCOUVER, they explained everything

Image of Cecil Coucher
03 Jan 2020
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The transformation of my smile was amazing and it was done only in 8 months. Thanks to everyone at Braces Vancouver. I highly recommend them.

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