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Address: 5655 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A4

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Image of Justin B
25 Apr 2020
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Part way though the course “ Empowering to ChangePain” learning different ways to manage myself and my chronic, chronic pain.The staff and very understanding and helpful

Image of Serene Heng
20 Apr 2020
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I would recommend to anyone who has chronic pain to attend the empowerment program. Wish I had attended this program seven years ago. I had about five hundreds different treatments due to my pain in both of my elbows and wrists over

Image of Angela L
15 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I am so grateful that I went to this clinic. After all avenues were explored I was thankfully referred to the group therapy at change pain. I was so glad that the doctors actually read my file and really cared about trying to get me pain

Image of Amani Af
05 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Dr Lem is fine so far but i always show up to my appointment on time and then im made to wait until he sees me.. i usually wait about 30 mins for my scheduled appointment.. last time i waited over 45 mins !! i wish they would respect people’s time a bit more or work on their time management or something

Image of Frances Embury
12 Mar 2020
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I have been seeing Dr Lem and Dr Sun. They are both amazing and are making incredible changes for me. They have helped me regain muscle strength that I thought was lost forever, as well as diminish the muscular pain I have had. They both

Image of Jeffrey Coulson
12 Mar 2020
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Received around 300 injections by Dr Lam in six sessions. Did absolutely nothing for me except more pain. He recommended another three sessions which would mean another 150 injections. Is this insane or what? I said not a chance. I

Image of Dani L
07 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Despite the negative reviews I've seen here, I honestly feel that I have been supported and treated with compassion since starting at CHANGEpain.

Image of Yarco Hayduk
09 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Dr Burkman is one of the best pain specialists around in B. C. He tried multiple protocols to find the one that works best in my particular case. 10/10 experience. Highly recommended!

Image of Google Guide
19 Jan 2020
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Clinic desires to implement a comprehensive approach for a patient's treatment and recovery. They offer doctors, physios, kinesiologists, educational courses, and other health care professionals in one location. Some of their services are

Image of Ron Hatch
06 Jan 2020
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Variety of services and practitioners, focus on pain management, classes, nutritional consultations and more.

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