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Address: 421 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W4

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3.9 Average rating
Image of Gurleen Ruprah
22 Apr 2020
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Great dimsum place, the service was quick and most of servers knew good enough English. The food did get slow at a point. Average person should be fine in 25-30 bucks for a full satisfying meal. 4 stars since the price point is a bit much for the ambiance n quality. Once in every little while place.

Image of Emily L
10 Apr 2020
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Nice presentation of food and great attentive service. Since the waitress served food to individual plates, I couldn’t take photos of all the dishes. Fish maw soup had a lot of seafood and tasted great. Appetizers were a good variety with

Image of Henry
06 Apr 2020
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Great value and experience. Been here a few times for dim sum and dinner. It's getting hard to find a place like this downtown, old school, get the job done kind of place. Everything is pretty good. The staff is exceptional. The dinner service is a great bang for your buck. Definitely worth a try.

Image of Mitchell Wu
04 Apr 2020
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Very nice staffs here, good customer service and very clean. Waiting line is short, service comes immediately. Food isn’t too salty either. However, the food is often not too hot and slightly warm as if it’s microwaved. Other than that it’s pretty good.

Image of Richard Le
26 Mar 2020
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Amazing food! I ordered through Uber and the uber delivery person forgot an item.I called the restaurant, quickly confirmed with me the item was missing with no

Image of Ying Huang
21 Feb 2020
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My family had dim sum brunch at this restaurant when we visited Toronto! It’s one of the biggest traditional Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown! Very cozy and relaxed atmosphere, kids friendly environment, a large selection of food,

Image of Tony Mac
20 Feb 2020
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Old school dim sum restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. The restaurant is up a few flights of stairs but there is an elevator when it's in service. This restaurant still goes with the old-school pencil and paper menu if you don't know what

Image of Jerry Chen
13 Feb 2020
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Tried to order online through their qMenu website application, and appeared to be accepted (provided confirmation and pick up time). However upon arriving to pick up , staff were rude and the order apparently had

Image of Mary Zhen
15 Jan 2020
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Really helpful staff, and the food was delicious. We had no trouble ordering even though only one of our party spoke Cantonese. All of the standard dim sum dishes are served (shrimp dumplings, egg yolk buns, etc.). They also have slightly

Image of Nabila Younes
08 Jan 2020
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Very good food and very nice staff! It’s a pretty big restaurant that can accommodate big groups (we were 13 on 1 big round table). I would definitely go again! Highly recommended. Sorry forgot to take pictures but the food was delicious. We ordered multiple things but the duck was my favorite.

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