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Address: 450 SW Marine Dr #608, Vancouver, BC V5X 0C3

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Image of Terry Adler
21 Apr 2020
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Since 1997, my sister and myself have greatly benefitted from Dr. Chow's health guidance and treatments. She has helped me recover from chronic fatigue due to heavy metal poisoning, and has considerably slowed my sister's progressive

Image of Nancy McSweeney
10 Apr 2020
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I spent 17 years suffering from burning pain in my tendons and pain and aching in my joints and muscles. I received several diagnoses from tendinitis to neuropathy to fibromyalgia. I continued to decline until I met Dr Chow. She did urine

Image of Angelina Cheng
02 Apr 2020
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For many years I suffered from chronic fatigue and most recently a serious concussion. I have recovered from the debilitating effects of chronic fatigue (not easy) and continue to recover from my concussion because of the expert care I

Image of Donna Becker
19 Mar 2020
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I started seeing Dr. Chow and the rest of the team (Dr. Lui and Dr. Cielanga about 15 years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer. As I believe that with proper support the body can heal, I refused conventional treatment other than a

Image of Barry Howard
11 Mar 2020
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I received a diagnosis of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy from a Neurologist with an explanation that there is no known causes or cures for the disease so I should prepare for more brain bleeding strokes and early dementia and death. I went

Image of Jennie Hoi
01 Mar 2020
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I was told by numerous doctors that my hormones will normalize with age and was later placed on birth control, in an attempt to help regulate my hormones. I experienced extreme fatigue, chronic infections like UTI's, mood swings, low

Image of Patricia Sham
23 Feb 2020
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I have been battling with eczema ever since I was a baby. I had gone to many dermatologist but nothing really help. I am very thankful that I finally found Dr. Phoebe Chow. Dr. Chow is very knowledgeable and the most important thing is that

Image of Gertrude Chak
10 Jan 2020
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Since 1995, I have been under the medical care of Dr. Phoebe Chow. She has been looking after me and my family all these years. One most significant incident happened in 2014 when my son was spared an unnecessary surgery after receiving a

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