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1.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Jonathan Chiu
20 Apr 2020
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Very nice admission (Registration) staff, ECG technician, and volunteer but unfortunately my over 6 hours (and counting) of mostly waiting and overall experience with some of the medical and nursing staff at the Emergency zone 2 has been

Image of jack chan
26 Mar 2020
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Admitted to emergency around 2am, staff were nice & pleasant, saw a doctor, did tests & waiting for a doctor to review results. By the way it’s 11:30am now & laying in the hallway, still waiting to see a doctor ... maybe I’ll surpass the 12

Image of alliyah romen
11 Mar 2020
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Terrible experience! My aunt was suffering from projectile vomiting and dizziness, She couldn’t even stand on her own. We went up to the receptionist, and the nurses were already acting rude. One of them had starring problems as if she

Image of Brandan McArthur
09 Mar 2020
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I had some concerning questions while on the phone. I wasn’t done speaking when the receptionist hung up on me and she seemed rude. Do not recommend coming here as there are no polite staff. Many reviews talk bad about the staff. Go somewhere else. Unless you’re dying then come here otherwise I’d pass.

Image of Stacia Yan
05 Mar 2020
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I have to put a star in order to rate them. Their service don’t even deserve any stars. Words can’t describe what a horrible experience I had with their nurses. They have zero respect with the patient. Worst service ever plus you get no

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3/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Nathan Cameron
08 Apr 2020
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Robots. Woman of 85 complains of excruciating pain lower back, bending, walking, getting dressed. 2 months enduring taking over the counter pain medication without any relieve. After x-rays showing nothing but a “nerve problem”

Image of Daisy Shaw
11 Mar 2020
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Have been unfortunate enough to visit this ER twice and it’s HORRENDOUS. People with addiction problems everywhere, taking drugs and smoking in the toilets, security staff running about in the halls, hygeine levels and cleanliness at rock

Image of green0marlin
09 Mar 2020
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Fantastic ER doctors and staff. This is a Roman Catholic faith-based hospital open to all. Incredibly compassionate and very efficient service. You will not be waiting hours to see a physician here. I wish all hospitals operated like this one.

Image of Blake Theriot
25 Feb 2020
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Go to VGH if you want a facility that isn't disproportionately full of homeless, drug using, obnoxious people. It's a rougher crowd at St. Pauls. It's seemingly dirty and need of repair. The nursing staff and doctors are great but as a whole you just feel like you're in a prison =S

Image of B
17 Feb 2020
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After spending way too much time in the sun, I was brought into St. Paul's Emergency. I cannot express how impressed I was during my six hour stay. Considering what the emergency staff have to deal with on a daily basis, they kept their

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2.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Anonymous Abcd
12 Apr 2020
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The only way to make a complaint is filling in a complaint form online at the College of Physicians and Surgeons website. This location don’t even accept my family doctor’s phone calls. Those radiologists’ behavior reminded me of high school bullies. They don’t follow any procedures or guidelines.

Image of Anastasia Chung
22 Mar 2020
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I would not recommend this place to anyone. I just got my 20-week ultrasound yesterday. The technician was quite rude and rough with the ultrasound on my belly. I still feel a bit bruised to this day.

Image of Michelle Liu
21 Mar 2020
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Had an ultrasound here. The technician was 40min late- stuck in traffic, which was totally understandable, it happens. Front desk was polite and the technician was pleasant. However, the result was never sent to my doctor despite of a

Image of Sola
03 Mar 2020
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I was a bit concerned after reading the reviews here, but my experience was totally fine. I went in on Tuesday morning, and was out within 30 minutes. The staff were nice, and got everything done very quickly without rushing. They weren’t particularly chatty, but that’s not what I was there for anyways.

Image of Marina Ribeiro
12 Feb 2020
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No one has ever been so rude in my entire life as I was distracted by the old Chinese ultrasound technique! In such a delicate moment that I am passing I would like a minimum of respect. Aggressive, impatience, she say words that hurt and

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