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Address: 350 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G4

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3.6 Average rating
Image of Rizwan Asad
22 Apr 2020
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I’ve never really understood the love for Pho’s not a bad place by any means. But it’s not at all memorable, the food is fine (portion sizes are quite generous), the service is okay, the decor/furnishings are very basic.

Image of M. A. Gallardo
09 Apr 2020
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Liked the place, had never tried Vietnamese food before, enjoyed it, enough to try some other places during my trip, was not the top among them, but was quite good. I liked the Vietnamese beer too. Fast service (a bit blunt, but that seems

Image of Dory Abelman
24 Mar 2020
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Nice Vietnamese restaurant at reasonable prices. Lots of options to choose from. The vegetables in my soup were very hard and it seemed the preparation was a bit rushed, but otherwise reasonable for the price.

Image of Yıldırım Batuhan Yılmaz
23 Feb 2020
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Large portions, nice taste. They only accept cash. Be prepared or you will be charged $2 at the ATM machine below.

Image of Raquel Dias
12 Feb 2020
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That was a nice meal! This place has great prices and a truly impressive menu (with all types of pho soups and other traditional dishes). The service was also good and quite fast. Highly recommended.

Image of Nick Kossovan
09 Feb 2020
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Simple food. Great portions. Extremely fast service. Below average prices.

Image of James Chan
25 Jan 2020
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Classic spot. Been around here for decades. Can’t go wrong having a nice big bowl of pho here. I like the broth taste, just wished they gave more noodles and meat. Can’t go wrong with spring rolls either.

Image of Chilia Djaya
22 Jan 2020
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Went there with my husband and our two kids, was gonna share one big dish with my daughter but apparently each of us had to order one dish. You sit, you order 😬 we didn't know that. Otherwise food was pretty good, there are better Pho place out there though.

Image of Mai Le
17 Jan 2020
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First of all. Cash only. Would of appreciated the server letting us know. Second, they make you write down the order and they don't let you know that ahead of time. Third, the food was okay. I figured this would be amazing with 2,000 reviews, but I've had better Vietnamese food in Arkansas, USA.

Image of Joel Ong
14 Jan 2020
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Nah service here is terrible. The last time I was here we asked for the bill after an admittedly decent but not spectacular tasting lunch several times, but the waiter didn't come with it, and then eventually the lady boss came over to

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