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Address: 309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 1H1

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4.8 Average rating
Image of Aaron Dias
24 Apr 2020
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Swatow restaurant is a cute little restaurant located in China Town in Toronto. Great tea at the start and then we ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Congee, Beef fried noodles and the Shrimp and vegetable Noodles. It was fantastic and the staff there are also very friendly. Will surely come back here again.

Image of Kelvin Lee
18 Apr 2020
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They’ve got some really tasty food!! I missed going to this place. It always have a long line ups! Totally worth it though

Image of Punchl1ne101
06 Apr 2020
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Best Chinese restaurant in Toronto! I’ve been here plenty of times and the food still continues to stand out as incredible. If you’re downtown, please do yourself a favor and check this place out.

Image of Prof Jax
03 Apr 2020
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One of those hole in the wall Chinese restaurants that serves fantastic food. It's delicious. Fried foods are crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Noodles and fried rice has plenty of 鑊氣 (a sign of good Chinese food).

Image of Diep Mong Thi Li
22 Mar 2020
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Damn good food. Packed on Valentine's day. My husband's go to restaurant after a night out drinking.

Image of Timmy Lui
16 Mar 2020
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The best "Americanized" Chinese restaurant down town that I've been able to find.Fried rice is good, congee is good, salt and pepper tofu, fried noodles are

Image of Rose Nguyen
14 Mar 2020
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Everything was so well marinated and delivered in huge portions. The beef in sauce was very tender, while the shredded pork in noodles were super saucy and addicting. I liked the vegetable hot pot for its balancing flavours. It was subtle

Image of Benedict Zoe
06 Mar 2020
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Here is my one photo taken before my battery ran out. This is a perfectly cooked plate of Chinese broccoli, piping hot, very slight char with the aroma of heated wok. Crisp, tender, perfectly coated with finely diced garlic.

Image of Jacinta Wong
05 Mar 2020
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A small shop in Spadina . Friendly waiter. Only a table of guest and us due to the virus. We have ordered the fish ball rice noodle and the 4 kind ball noodle. My 4 kind is beef, squid and fish ball and fish square. The taste is ok but a

Image of Lyra Jade Gavino
25 Jan 2020
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Eating here is definitely a good choice! Their crab and sweet corn soup is very flavorful, the beef with oyster sauce is delicious and the roasted duck is special.

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